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Salted vs. Sweet vs. Sour Licorice

Salted vs. Sweet vs. Sour Licorice

Licorice candy has a long and winding history behind it. And when a candy with that much history starts to amas a fandom of sweet tooths all around the world, lines begin to get drawn. No matter if you’re an old-time licorice lover or a beginner to the unique taste of licorice candy, if you’ve tried these sweet treats then you have your favorite. Here is a quick run-down of the three common types of licorice flavors you will try on your candy journey.


These salty treats are all about the licorice flavor. Made to be as authentic as possible to early licorice with subtle sweet flavors. These candies are for hardcore fans. Those who are chasing a strong licorice flavor and texture. Beginners, approach with care, you just might find a new favorite candy.


You can’t go wrong with this classic flavor. A sweet candy for a sweet tooth. Find these all over, from your local supermarket to the movie theaters. This licorice flavor has made its way into mainstream stardom and is chosen time and time again.



A contemporary take on this classic candy. A mix of sweet and sour flavors, this is another fan favorite for those just trying out licorice for the first time. These sour candies come in many colors, shapes, and flavors so you’ll always have something for everyone. Another great movie theater snack ready to be washed down with a cold soda and some buttery popcorn.

So there you have it. The 3 most common licorice flavors one can find. There’s always something for any occasion. Whether you are looking for something salty to snack on or something sweet to enjoy with a movie. Even the sour heads have something to brag about. No matter your preference, there are always dozens of licorice flavors to discover. Check out our store and find your new favorite treat.

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