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Father's Day Rainbow Gift Box

Father's Day Rainbow Gift Box

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Dutch Rainbow Laces -Appealing to the eye and mouth (but most importantly, the mouth), these smooth strands are an awesome medley of fruity flavors. As they say in the homeland of this gourmet snack, Genieten! For all of those who aren't fluent in Dutch, that translates to: Enjoy! :)

Australian Mix -Love the texture of licorice from the land down under? Want to try more fruity flavors? Or maybe like us, you just have trouble deciding which of these tempting sweet treats to try next! This mix is perfect for all of you indecisive licorice lovers-- you'll never have to settle on just one flavor again! Our awesome assortment of bite-sized strawberry, mango, and green apple Australian soft licorice twists with a smooth texture and flawlessly firm chew will keep you coming back for just one more piece.

Sweet Blossoms -Colorful, fun, and outright delicious, these Australian licorice flowers are the best of the best. This product is an incredible mix of assorted flavors such as strawberry, apple, blue raspberry, lemon, and cola. They are filled with an exceptional fondant that provides the ideal soft and smooth chew.

Sarah's Favorite -We can assure you that this will be love at first bite. Even more tasty than they are pretty, this licorice is a delightful blend of sweet and sour, with bold fruity flavors that are simply irresistible.

Dutch Rainbow Sours -We know you're going to flip over these! This awesome Dutch treat takes licorice to a whole new level. The fruity, sour coating is perfectly topped off with a sprinkle of sugar, and within the bite you will find the most delicious and smooth sweet cream filling.

Rainbow Spirali -These Italian wheels will make your head spin! In a good way, we promise! This unique two-faced treat will give you that perfect burst of fruity flavor in every bite. And to make this product even more fun, don't forget that you can unravel the spiral! We'll admit, that's definitely one of our favorite pastimes.

Each tube is filled with 1/2 lb. 

"This is the freshest licorice I’ve ever had. Competely and totally addicted."

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