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Fan Favorites Gift Box

Fan Favorites Gift Box

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3 tubes 1 Lb each.
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Mini Mix - This licorice will give you all sorts of feels! This traditional favorite from England is a unique mixture of rich flavors that is sure to be a palate pleaser.

Australian Mix - Perfect for all of you indecisive licorice lovers-- you'll never have to settle on one flavor again! An awesome assortment of bite-sized strawberry, mango, and green apple licorice with a smooth, soft texture and flawlessly firm chew.

Raspberry Pretzelice - These Raspberry Pretzelice bites are truly a novelty. With their authentic raspberry flavor and some extra sugar to top them off, expect these to be your new go-to snack when you need a little something special. Soft and chewy with just a tiny bit of crunch from the sugar on the outside makes these as satisfying to eat as their novel shape is fun. Open a tube of this Pretzelice and make some memories!

Each tube is filled with 1 pound. 

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