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Finnish Delight Gift Box

Finnish Delight Gift Box

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3 tubes 1 Lb each.
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Finnish Red -Handmade in Finland, these licorice bites will leave you wanting more of that rich, authentic, strawberry flavor. With their perfect firm chew and smooth, glossy texture, this treat is worlds away from your convenience store licorice.

Finnish Black -Handmade in Finland, this stuff is as gourmet as it gets. Perfect for those who appreciate real, authentic black licorice flavor, this firm, smooth treat will surprise you with their hint of sweetness in every bite. Well, I guess you won't be that shocked after all because we just gave away the secret...

Finnish Black Ripples -Licorice lovers: we know you'll go crazy over this Finnish delicacy! It's unique shape and texture coupled with its extraordinary authentic licorice flavor will leave you wanting more.

Each tube is filled with 1 pound. 

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