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The Hardcore Licorice Lover

The Hardcore Licorice Lover

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Salted Dutch $$ -We'll bet money that you've never seen something like this before! This novelty product with beautiful detail in every bite is rich with the taste of authentic Dutch salted licorice.

The Kat's Meow -Wait! Don't keep scrolling! Licorice and cats may seem like an odd pair, but we promise, they're a purrr-fect match. Apologies for the pretty lame pun, but after all, we're the experts, so hopefully we can be excused. These sweet kittens are perfect for the authentic licorice lovers among us. Their smooth and chewy texture is beautifully combined with the strong taste of Dutch licorice.

Druppels of Holland -This Dutch treat is perfect for the authentic licorice lovers among us. These soft, mini drops have that intense but sweet black licorice flavor that will always have the experts coming back for more. Made in the Netherlands, these licorice drops will send your taste buds soaring with their bold, sweet intensity of flavor. They may be simple in appearance, but their taste is unforgettable! We highly recommend these drops for licorice fans yearning for the true licorice root flavor of yesteryear.

Each tube is filled with 1 pound. 

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