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Dutch Laces Collection

Dutch Laces Collection

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3 tubes 1 Lb each.
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Dutch Red Laces - These vibrant, smooth, chewy licorice strands are the perfect cure for any sweet tooth. Every inch of this authentic Dutch treat is jam packed with sensational strawberry flavor.

Dutch Black Laces - Expertly crafted in Holland, these long, chewy strands are perfect for licorice aficionados of all ages. A fun way to enjoy your favorite gourmet licorice with authentic flavor bursting in every inch.

Dutch Rainbow Laces - Appealing to the eye and mouth (but most importantly, the mouth), these smooth strands are an awesome medley of fruity flavors. As they say in the homeland of this gourmet snack, Genieten! for all of those who aren't fluent in Dutch, that translates to: Enjoy!

Each tube is filled with 1 pound. 

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