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Pot of Gold Gift Box -
Pot of Gold Gift Box -
Pot of Gold Gift Box -
Pot of Gold Gift Box -

Pot of Gold Gift Box

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Dutch Rainbow Laces -Appealing to the eye and mouth (but most importantly, the mouth), these smooth strands are an awesome medley of fruity flavors. As they say in the homeland of this gourmet snack, Genieten! For all of those who aren't fluent in Dutch, that translates to: Enjoy! :)

Rainbow Rolls -For the licorice connoisseur who doesn't take themselves all that seriously, you will love these pieces of rainbow goodness. What could be better than a sensational fruity flavor with a creamy marshmallow center in every bite? Nothing. The answer is most definitely nothing.

Sweet Blossoms -Colorful, fun, and outright delicious, these Australian licorice flowers are the best of the best. This product is an incredible mix of assorted flavors such as strawberry, apple, blue raspberry, lemon, and cola. They are filled with an exceptional fondant that provides the ideal soft and smooth chew.

Each tube is filled with 1 pound. 

"This is the freshest licorice I’ve ever had. Competely and totally addicted."

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