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Sour Twist Gift Box

Sour Twist Gift Box

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Each tube is filled with 1 pound.
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Watermelon Sour Twists offer a sweet and sour combo that tangos across your tastebuds in a dynamic performance that’s sure to demand an encore. Throw in the essence of everyone’s favorite summertime fruit and this treat is lip-smacking and mouth-watering. Lose the seeds, keep the flavor.

Strawberry Sour Twists are what happens when strawberries embrace their wild side. Fruity and luscious in one bite, tart and crisp in the other, these twists put a new turn on snacking with flavors that throwback to bubble gum, jaw breakers, and lollipops. It’s the candy of the past meets the sweets of the future.

Blue Raspberry Sour Twists have a unique flavor all their own; they’re licorice with the “it” factor that is as enjoyable as it is indescribable. Sugary, sharp, and dynamic, this candy will take your senses on a stimulating ride. Yep, it’s too bad blue raspberries don’t actually grow in nature.

Each tube is filled with 1 pound. 

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