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The Lunch Special Gift Box

The Lunch Special Gift Box

Loaded Nacho - This snack is what happens when a chip decides to jump ship and upgrade to pretzel status. With flavors of melted cheese and tortilla, we’ve packed everyone’s favorite appetizer into a micro-batch of magnificence. Part with your plate and grab a bowl instead.

Football Pizza - Take a bite of childhood with a nod to Friday night pizza parties. Melted cheese, savory sauce, a buttery crust, your parents thrilled that they didn’t have to cook. Our pizza pretzel offers all the flavors of a classic pie without the 30-minute wait.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup - Grilled cheese is the best thing since (and between) sliced bread! That’s why we’ve turned it into a pretzel. Complemented by the spicy, sweet, and earthy flavor of tomato soup, this snack is a tasty tribute to a culinary combo that’s made for each other.

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