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All Sorts of Licorice: United Kingdom

All Sorts of Licorice: United Kingdom

Licorice has a deep history, with many types to explore throughout the world. Europe, specifically the United Kingdom, has created and explored candy types and licorice flavors throughout many centuries. But what about the colorful mix of candy and licorice known as allsorts? You may know them as our Mega mix or mini mix, a unique mixture of rich flavors that is sure to be a palate pleaser. How were they created and what makes them so unique? We hope to answer these questions, and many more, as we dive into the allsort candy and its history.

The original creation of all sorts was done by the Bassett’s confectionery company based in Sheffield, England, which was created in 1842. The company also created jelly babies, which most likely created the popular gummy bears in North America. But we won’t be talking about these jelly babies.

Licorice, or “liqorice” in the UK, allsorts were created by accident at the Bassett’s company. In 1899, a salesman dropped a tray of licorice, causing them to mix up, getting him inspired for a potential new product. The product was created and became one of the most popular candy mixes to date in the UK.

Some of the candies within allsorts include a double-decker sandwich with white and black layers, a little circle of pink or yellow with coconut -flavored candy with black licorice in the center. The coconut flavor is the most popular, even though it is the least abundant in the mix.

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