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Licorice For Any Occasion

Licorice fans--rejoice! Whether you're a returning customer searching for a taste of childhood or someone with an adventurous palate looking for something new to soothe your sweet tooth, you'll find the type of licorice you need to satisfy your cravings here.  We proudly stock a curated collection of licorice from all over the world in both traditional licorice root, sour, and fruity-type licorice flavors.

Gourmet Licorice From Around The World

We only sell the best licorice from around the world: Australian, Dutch, and Finnish licorices are most popular and we also bring you sweet treats from Italy and Spain as well. No matter which country's licorice tempts you most, we'll deliver to customers in the United States or one of the other 100+ countries we ship to!

We know that most people either love or dislike black licorice, which is why we also carry a variety of fruit flavors for those red licorice lovers out there. Look further and you'll find even more flavor and color combinations! From traditional strawberry to flower-shaped sweets in blue raspberry, apple, lemon, and cola flavors, or maybe some sweet and sour pink lemonade laces, we've got flavors for everyone.

Only the Best Licorice!

We work with authentic gourmet licorice makers around the world to bring the best licorice in the world to your doorstep. When you've found the taste you remember, why not discover something new as well? Along with your licorice candy twists, try some raspberry pretzelice or salted stars as well!