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Why Licorice?

A Deeper Look Into Licorice

Perfect Halloween Candy: Licorice
The spooky holiday is coming up, and many are getting ready to decorate and plan costumes. But we can’t forget about the most important part of Halloween: the candy! Whether you are going trick or treating or not, every household...
Where does licorice come from?
Licorice is well known around the world as the sweet candy that people really love or can’t stand. Coming in many different types of candy flavors, licorice didn’t get its many types by chance! In this article, we will explore...
Sweet Licorice or Salty Licorice?
Licorice comes in many different forms, and you would be surprised how diverse the flavors of the root can really get. Not only is licorice the sweet candy that we love to snack on, but in other regions of the...
Featured Location: Australian Licorice
In America we know our licorice as sweet and chewy, usually coming in long strands. While there is no doubt sweet and chewy is a winner, there is some competition coming for our favorite flavor. A mildly sweet and softer...
Back to School Snack
The new school year is approaching for students and teachers meaning new supplies. All supplies are in season, from pencils and notebooks to backpacks and snacks. The start of school can be anxiety ridden for many, not just students in...
Spirals of Spirali Licorice
The spiral shape of spirali licorice is unforgettable, not to mention the taste. Spirali licorice is well known within Italy, and often made from plant to candy all within the country itself. With such a rich history, the licorice itself...
Comfort Foods in the Fall: Licorice Candy
With the new fall season approaching, you may not be affected at all by the weather and environment change. Just dress for cooler weather and open the windows! But science says otherwise. Research done by the University of Georgia supports...
Iconic Movie Candy: Red Licorice
Everyone knows the candy that is well known in movie theaters, red licorice. With a sweet flavor and a chewy texture, this candy is great to enjoy at the movie theater, or at home. But why is licorice such an...
3 Times Licorice Broke Records
Guinness world records always have interesting records, and they don’t disappoint with licorice. We have 3 licorice records that were broken and still haven’t been challenged. We hope you don’t try these at home! Biggest all sort- Broken in New...