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Why Licorice?

A Deeper Look Into Licorice

A Closer Look at Licorice Shapes
At Licorice.com, we offer all sorts of different licorice shapes. But, have you ever really thought about the different shapes of licorice? Which licorice shape is your favorite? What does that shape tell you about your personality?  Once you've got...
How Much do You Know About Licorice?
At Licorice.com, we know a lot about licorice — I mean, we love it and we make it! But, how much do YOU know about this wonderful treat? Don't worry, no guessing is needed, because we've put together a little...
A Holiday Gift Guide for Licorice Lovers
Believe it or not, the holidays are here! But with that often comes a very long list of important people (and the licorice lovers) in your life that you need to buy gifts for. Have no fear, because, at Licorice.com,...
Homemade Licorice Treats for a Happy Halloween
  Plans for Halloween Holiday Fun   It's a new age, and though we still love the idea of dressing up and going trick-or-treating, it's just not safe anymore for our children. But that leaves a huge gap, and on a...
Celebrate Halloween with Licorice Candy
Trick or Treating   Do you remember being a kid and doing Halloween the old-fashioned way - dressing up and going out trick-or-treating? I know I certainly do and have awesome memories of this holiday. In fact, because of those memories,...
How to Keep Licorice Soft - and 2 Homemade Recipes Using Licorice Candy
Are You a Licorice Lover?  If you absolutely love licorice, visit our homepage right here on this website at Licorice.com, where licorice lovers unite! Our 50+ flavors and endless varieties of sumptuous licorice candies from all over the world will...
How Licorice Is Made
And Other Important Facts About Licorice  First off, let's start with a little bit of background on licorice - also spelled liquorice, and both ways are correct. The name translates to glycyrrhiza glabra, an ancient Greek word meaning "sweet root". ...
Going Away Gift Ideas That Involve Licorice
Bon Voyage!  If you're really scratching your head and drawing a blank when it comes to buying going-away gifts for friends, and you love licorice, this post is for you! After all, everything is so much better with licorice, right? ...
Throw A Gourmet Licorice Theme Dinner Party
Licorice Root Recipes  Licorice, also spelled liquorice, is a plant that is known for its roots, and providing multiple health benefits. Besides the wonderful tasting candy we all know and love, there are many other great recipes that use licorice...