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About Us

We’ve set out to bring the best collection of Licorice from all around the world to one place...and that’s right here! was born as a result of the simple reason that we are a Licorice-obsessed family! Unlike fine wine or gourmet chocolates, there was no “place” to buy a selection of artisanal gourmet Licorice “Made Worldwide”. While the typical convenience store Licorice was “good enough,” we knew there was better out there, and we became determined to find it. We learned that outside of the US lived incredibly gourmet varieties of Licorice, truly like nothing we’ve ever seen before. So, we’ve collaborated with authentic Licorice makers to bring you our curated collection of over 50+ varieties for you to enjoy — or as a really awesome gift.  

We are fifth generation entrepreneurs, and are blessed that the generations before us have created some great products, including one of the original (and best!) gourmet popcorns-Popcorn, Indiana. You probably know it as the one in the iconic red bag! Our family’s love and passion for creating new and unique brands gave us the motivation to bring this next venture to the forefront. 

We’re excited that you’re here, and we look forward to giving you the ultimate Licorice experience. Our goal is that you—or whoever you gift our delicacies to—will fall deeper in love with Licorice with every bite, just like we do! 

We are excited to hear from you about all things Licorice, so email us at to give us feedback, or just to drop in and say “hi!” 

With Love & Licorice,

Adam, Jonathan, and Sarah

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