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Why Licorice?

A Deeper Look Into Licorice

Easter Day: A Time to Celebrate!
On April 17th, people all around the world share the celebration of a special holiday called Easter Sunday. Easter can mean different things to different people, but at Licorice.com, we celebrate by sharing our love and appreciate with gift giving! Read this article for an overview of our favorite Easter celebrations!
Why Licorice Gift Boxes Make a Great Corporate Gift
Looking for corporate gifting options? Searching for the perfect gift for your customers or employees? Look no further than Licorice.com! Read more to learn about licorice as the perfect corporate gift.
Taking a Closer Look at Sour Licorice Candy
As the popularity of the sweet and delicious treat known as licorice has grown over the years, so too has the variety of unique flavors and shapes of today’s licorice. In this article, we discuss the details of the unique flavor twist on a fan favorite: Sour Licorice Candy.
The Difference Between Anise and Licorice
Did you know? Anise and licorice, while they taste very similar, aren’t actually related at all! There’s a whole slew of differences between the lesser-known fruit seed, anise, and the popular treat, licorice. Read this article to learn more about just that!
A Closer Look at Licorice Shapes
In this article, learn all about the plethora of licorice shapes and sizes we offer at Licorice.com! If you haven’t found your favorite licorice shape yet, check out this article and try out our Sampler Pack, and we guarantee you’ll find something you love!
A Holiday Gift Guide for Licorice Lovers
This holiday season, show your love and appreciation to the important people in your life with a licorice gift box! With over 50 gourmet flavors, our build-your-own gift boxes are perfect for friends, family, neighbors, and more!
How Much Do You Know About Licorice?
We know a lot about licorice - we love it and we make it! But how much do you know about this wonderful treat? Dive into this little trivia game to test your knowledge and learn more about licorice!
Celebrate Halloween with Licorice Candy
Halloween is coming soon, so what better way to celebrate than with licorice candy? Find great ideas for family fun on this traditional sweet treat of a day!
Homemade Licorice Treats for a Happy Halloween
If you're a licorice lover like us, you're going to love these creative ideas for a licorice-themed Halloween! In this article, find fun licorice treat recipes, licorice-themed celebration ideas, and more!