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Why Licorice?

A Deeper Look Into Licorice

What Does Black Licorice Taste Like?
How do you describe the taste of black licorice to someone who's never tried it before? Or to a friend whose only experience with the treat was the black jelly beans at the bottom of their Easter basket as a...
Licorice: The Perfect Graduation Gifts For Her & Him!
Graduation season is almost here again. If you're thinking about ways to celebrate your graduate, consider a licorice gift for him or her.  Hear us out. Whether they're graduating from high school or college, your grad is taking another step...
The History of Licorice in Australia
A quick internet search for "licorice history" finds much of the same information about licorice's storied history beginning with its medicinal uses in Ancient China.We also know that large quantities of licorice were uncovered in the tomb of King Tut...
The Sweet Traditions of Mother's Day
There are so many beloved traditions surrounding Mother’s Day, and I love that they’re old-fashioned and haven’t changed much over time, despite technology. It’s a beautiful way to honor the legacy of the women who came before us generations ago.
5 Surprising Health Benefits of Licorice
The licorice plant is an herbaceous shrub native to western Asia. Though today we know it most commonly as a unique bittersweet candy found in black, red, and every color in between—whose flavor is derived from the licorice root.
What Is Licorice Made Of?
Licorice lovers all over the world will tell you that what most people call licorice today technically isn't licorice at all. What these delicious licorice treats are made of also varies depending on which country you live in. The flavor...
National Licorice Day: a day to celebrate your love for licorice!
You hadn't heard that there was a holiday devoted to celebrating licorice? It's all right - we forgive you.  But now that you know April 12th is National Licorice Day, it's time to celebrate your love for licorice!
Did you know that King Tut loved Licorice?
The life of ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tut (also known as Tutankhamun, but let’s stick to King Tut) revealed an incredible amount of information about what royal life was like in Egypt. But most importantly for our purposes, he revealed...
Licorice: The Surprising Health Benefits
Delicious-check! Fun and exciting-check! Health benefits-check! Licorice really just checks off all the boxes. We love licorice for countless reasons, but something that we are always eager to share is its numerous health benefits.  Licorice root is composed of hundreds...