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Why Licorice?

A Deeper Look Into Licorice

Host A Licorice Themed High Tea Party
A Little History  Licorice has not always been a delightful candy for our enjoyment. However, it has always been used for better health. It comes from the licorice plant, and its roots were first discovered to have medicinal qualities back...
Licorice Birthday Gifts For The Licorice Lovers In Your Life
Licorice Lovers Unite!   Who doesn't love or know someone that loves licorice? And these days it isn't just red or black licorice, but a rainbow of flavors, types, and shapes to tantalize even the most discriminating palates. Licorice gift baskets...
Your Road Trip Snack List Is as Important As Your Trip Itinerary
By Willie Shaw "How much longer till we get there?" my son asked. "Let’s see… we have about six hours left," my wife replied to our five-year-old while also trying to quiet our two-year-old son. With all the commotion behind...
The Most Popular Candies: Then and Now
By Jeffrey Totey While it’s true that chocolate never really goes out of style, the popularity of different types of candy has shifted over the years. What was super popular one year can become hard to find the next. For...
Famous People Who Love Licorice
Who are the people eating licorice? Candy lovers on Reddit ask that same question again and again. They want to know who's fallen for this scrumptious traditional treat. There's even a mosaic artist, San Francisco-based Jason Mecier, who creates celebrity...
What Is Licorice Root?
 Chances are that when you're enjoying your black licorice treats, you're enjoying its aromatic flavor and chewy texture - not wondering where the flavor comes from. But what is licorice root? Licorice root comes from the licorice plant, Glycyrrhiza glabra....
Why Licorice Gifts are the Best Food Gifts
Giving gifts helps you demonstrate your appreciation for the people in your life. Taking the time to find the right gift can be a lot of fun, but it can be challenging if you don't know the person well or...
The Delicious History of Licorice
By Jeanette Hurt Licorice may be one of the modern world’s most popular confections, so it may not be surprising that it boasts a deliciously ancient history. The earliest references to the licorice root—Glycyrrhiza glabra—date all the way back to 2300...
What Are You Doing This Father’s Day? Make It a Movie Night
By Nate Day When it comes to holidays, most people prepare themselves with a “What’s in it for me?” mindset. Most holidays involve getting gifts or attention—but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to spend the time! Doing the...