Featured Location: Australian Licorice

Featured Location: Australian Licorice

In America we know our licorice as sweet and chewy, usually coming in long strands. While there is no doubt sweet and chewy is a winner, there is some competition coming for our favorite flavor. A mildly sweet and softer licorice, Australian licorice is worth trying. Continue reading to get to know how Australian licorice came to be, and how its flavor compares to our well known licorice here in America.

England was the homeland for many from Australia. In the 1700s, England began transporting people and goods to the Land Down Under. The most popular sweet of the time was “Pomfret” cakes, which are lozenges that contain licorice root sap. They actually began as medicinal treatment, which is how licorice candy originated in many other regions as well. “Pomfret” cakes slowly became a popular treat, and were transported to Australia within many of the new citizens' goods.

Skipping many decades to World War I, the established licorice companies within the island country and continent were becoming more popular. Mainly due to the British government prohibiting candy exports, including licorice, companies began working together to create more interesting and marketable licorice.

But not just yet was Australian licorice that we know today was born. The creation of the soft licorice was pretty accidental, with Darrell Lea creating it in 1957.

So how does this unique creation compare to our licorice? Many say that the black licorice is more authentically tasting, which is up for debate. The biggest difference is for sure the texture and size, with a soft texture and almost always coming in short solid pieces.

But you need to taste it for yourself. We got you covered. Try our many flavors of Australian licorice today, and even get a sampler pack of red, black assorted and more to directly compare to other licorice types! Order now and you’ll be tasting it within 3 business days!

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