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Licorice in the Middle Ages (Part One)

Licorice in the Middle Ages (Part One)

The Middle Ages marked a tumultuous time in European history, beginning in the 5th century CE following the collapse of Rome and lasting till the 15th century with the Renaissance period. During the 10 centuries in between, plenty of innovations were happening, from literature to medicine. In that, licorice found an important role during the time. In this first part, we will begin discussing licorice and its influence during the Middle Ages!

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Even before the Middle Ages the licorice root was renowned for its medicinal purposes. Asia in particular was well known for using licorice in teas and medicine. Back in Europe, licorice root was one of the most popular herbal remedies used by medieval physicians who believed it to be a catch all cure or treatment to many things. 

Primarily, it was used to treat cough and sore throat, as well as various digestive issues and heartburn. Not only that, licorice root was used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions based on its anti-inflammatory properties. 

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