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Licorice in the Netherlands

Licorice in the Netherlands

Licorice is a popular snack all over the world, but no one seems to enjoy licorice as much as the Netherlands! With the average person in the region consuming over four pounds a year and licorice making up 20% of candy sales in the area, there is no denying their love for this treat. In this article we’ll cover the cultural and economic impacts licorice has on the Netherlands!

With so much licorice consumption in the Netherlands, it can be surprising to hear that licorice root doesn’t grow there. The root tends to be grown in southern Europe where it is also processed there. Once this is done, it is shipped north. The Netherlands in this case, is the largest producer of the licorice candy in the European Union, making up one-third of all EU licorice production.

Its popularity stems originally from the roots medicinal properties that have been used by many cultures prior which the candy continued. In the present day, licorice holds so many different sorts shapes from coins to hearts, giving it a flexibility for any situation that may present itself.

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