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Salty Licorice?

Salty Licorice?

When people think of licorice candy, they normally think of a sweet treat, but what about licorice as a salty snack? In this article, we will discuss salty licorice, its origin, and its popularity.

Popular in the Nordic countries, this snack is known as salmiakki. This salty licorice doesn’t have just any normal salt however, it uses ammonium chloride which gives a distinct flavor, a very strong and salty flavor that is. It began in the 1930’s and quickly rose in popularity in Finland where licorice was used as a relief for sore throat was combined the salty ammonium chloride which could break down mucus, creating a salty snack that also doubled as a medicine.

Over the years, salmiakki became a extremely popular delicacy in these areas, especially still in Finland. Beyond the various shapes and sizes that licorice comes in, salmiakki is put in other delicacies such as fudge, pounded into powder to use as toppings, and all other unconventional forms of licorice. Its significance in Finnish culture is evident in all the specialty shops just for this salty snack you’ll find in the area!

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