What does Salty Licorice taste like?

What does Salty Licorice taste like?

Salty licorice is very popular within Northern Europe, especially Finland, Scandinavia, and other Dutch countries. But why salt? Read this article to find out more about the salty treat that has a grasp on Northern Europe.

Salty licorice was first created by adding ammonia chloride to licorice medicine for kids to like the taste better. After this taste profile was invented, it didn’t stop at children, with those children growing up and finding the taste nostalgic. The taste grew and grew, eventually being sold as candy. Today many Finnish people and Scandinavians have to have salty licorice with them often. If that isn’t love, or addiction, we don’t know what is.

First off, If you don’t like black licorice, you wont like it covered in a salty layer. Salty licorice is always said to be an acquired taste. You may think it is something like a sour gummy worm, but there is no flavor to truly compare it to. After the first taste, it was a surprise with a strong salt, not sour, taste, then the flavor of black licorice lingering after. Leaving your mouth salivating for more, it can truly be addicting.

In Northern Europe , salty licorice, also known as salmiakki, isn’t just a candy, but also a flavor profile. There is salmiakki flavored ice cream, fudge, chocolate, alcohol, a powdered version of the flavor and much more.

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