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The Red Licorice Lover

The Red Licorice Lover

Australian Red - Get ready for a crowd-pleaser with this one! These expertly crafted twists hailing all the way from Australia are packed with incredible strawberry flavor and have an equally amazing texture. The one and only downside: your tube may be empty in no time.

Red Spirali - Indulge your inner child with these fun-to-eat fruity sweets! These delightful Italian strawberry licorice wheels are the best of the best! With their incredible fruity flavor rolled up in a swirl that gives these Spirali their name, you'll find yourself reaching for that tube again and again. 

Strawberry Pillows -This licorice made in Finland is chewy, textured, sweet, and loaded with authentic strawberry flavor. Need we say more?

Each tube is filled with 1 pound. 

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