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3 Times Licorice Broke Records

3 Times Licorice Broke Records

Guinness world records always have interesting records, and they don’t disappoint with licorice. We have 3 licorice records that were broken and still haven’t been challenged. We hope you don’t try these at home!

Biggest all sort- Broken in New Zealand by a sweets brand, this record was the largest licorice allsort, being about the size of a palette. An all sort is what the name is, all sorts of flavors of licorice, including coconut, jelly, aniseed etc. While we don’t know the flavors included in this all sort, we can assume it’s tasty. The ratio for different licorice flavors stays the same, which is required, but it is about 30 inches tall.

Largest bag of candy- Coming in at 1827.8 pounds, the largest bag of candy was created in Finland. Filled with salty licorice, this bag needs to be kept in a safe away from licorice lovers. Finland loves their salty licorice, with it being created there and consistently consumed by those who live there.

Longest Strand of Licorice- Taking 3 hours and 4 minutes to make, this licorice was worth the wait. Being 1,702 feet long, this strand was made in Sweden. Made of red licorice, this strand has been used in many different online videos, one even to tow a car.

The saddest part about these records are they can’t be eaten, but that doesn’t mean you can have some tasty licorice. We have our mini or mega mix of all sorts, salty licorice, and our finnish red licorice. Try those flavors and many more today at

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