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Back to School Snack

Back to School Snack

The new school year is approaching for students and teachers meaning new supplies. All supplies are in season, from pencils and notebooks to backpacks and snacks. The start of school can be anxiety ridden for many, not just students in new classes, but teachers too. School doesn’t have to be nerve racking, it can be fun for everyone.  The best way to relieve this anxiety within school is everyone’s favorite part of the day, lunch. This is the time to relax, take a deep breath, and eat the foods that make you happy.

A balanced lunch consists of a protein, a veggie, a starch, and you cannot forget, a dessert. We recommend a sweet snack that is filled with flavor and keeps you full, until it's time for an after school snack. Maybe your student cannot get enough licorice, so surprise them by putting our shorties, with six flavors to choose from, in their lunch box. Teachers need good snacks too! Be nostalgic and get your favorite candy from your childhood for lunch, black licorice.

Lunch time is also a time for students to look at each other’s lunch boxes and maybe do some trades. Don’t worry, we sell short sticks of licorice to enjoy, making them easily shared and lasting long.

But don’t forget about after school. Relaxing after a long day at school can start with a snack before dinner, with our fifty flavors to choose from.

Explore today to try some of our flavors, from salty licorice to sweet n’ sour petites or rainbow spirali. Make school lunches fun with any licorice you love!

Try any of our large assortment of licorice flavors at

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