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Best Treat of the Holiday Season

Best Treat of the Holiday Season

With the fall season approaching, the holiday season is just around the corner. Whether it be the beauty of the weather or the excitement for traveling, the holiday season calls for the best food from childhood. Bringing the family together is important, and what better way to do that with the best meals and sweets that have been shared across generations.

Across the world, different regions and countries celebrate the season with different foods and candy. One candy that stays consistent is licorice, however. Here is how some European countries use licorice to enhance their holiday season.

Iceland- Christmas food traditions run deep for those who celebrate in Iceland. Celebrating on the 24th of December, some foods that are eaten are fermented fish, smoked lamb, rice pudding and licorice tops. Licorice tops are a meringue cookie with chocolate chips and chocolate-covered licorice. With no fear to mix chocolate and licorice, this sweet is unique to the country, along with the licorice that is used. The licorice is salty, much like the salty licorice that has available.

Germany- In Germany, holiday markets are popular, with themed food for families to enjoy. Mostly sweets, some foods include a Schneeball, which is a “snowball” of shortcrust pastry, skewered candied fruit covered in chocolate. Of course licorice is there, with colorful flavors to choose from and salty black licorice. Long strings of licorice is what is usually there, sometimes made right there in front of you.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the holiday season in Germany and Iceland. You can try the popular salty black licorice today, or any of our 50+ flavors. Order today and get a sweet treat in 3 business days or less!

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