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Licorice trio set

Celebrate Halloween with Licorice Candy

Trick or Treating  

Licorice trio set

Do you remember being a kid and doing Halloween the old-fashioned way - dressing up and going out trick-or-treating? I know I certainly do and have awesome memories of this holiday. In fact, because of those memories, it's still my favorite holiday to this day. The idea of being able to dress up and be something cool, combined with permission to go door to door and beg for candy, was just amazing to me. 

Trying Black Licorice 

I remember the first time I tried eating licorice, and how the strong black licorice taste was both exotic and pungent, and I didn't know if I liked it or not - but I wanted to try it again! I really loved the texture of it, and it was an alternative to chocolate, which I didn't care too much for. But the flavor of black licorice was a little too strong for me. Then I tried red licorice, and it was all over.

Trying Red Licorice

Red licorice candy was perfect! I now had the ideal mix of the soft, chewy texture along with the burst of cherry (or strawberry) flavor. After that, I looked forward to getting red licorice during the Halloween season, and especially when it was time to trick or treat. The one night a year where you could enjoy an all-you-can-eat candy buffet! What holiday could be better than that?!


From a young age, I remember trying different types of licorice candy such asGood-n-Plenty, Jelly Bellies, Licorice Allsorts, Twizzlers, and Red Vines. I especially liked it when a new flavor of licorice would come out, even though it was usually only for a limited time. Do you remember your favorite when you were a kid? Which ones did you trade other kids for? 

Celebrations Today

Halloween celebrations today are much different, sadly. We live in different times, and there are too many strange people out there to entrust our children's safety to. But we now have Halloween parties and Church socials and shopping mall trick or treating. Celebrating Halloween with a terrific party at home can still be great fun for the kids and the whole family, and why not do a licorice themed Halloween party? 

Throw a Licorice Themed Halloween Party

There is a multitude of things you can do for Halloween right at home, like have a licorice-themed Halloween party! If you're a licorice lover like we are here at, it makes perfect sense.

Haunted House

You can even create a haunted house outside or in your garage or basement, and invite neighborhood kids to come! Make licorice root tea with some peppermint or ginger and serve iced. Make licorice sweet treats for your guests to eat and enjoy!. 

Licorice Root Halloween Tea Party

Chances are you've heard about, if not made some, licorice root tea. Licorice root can be bought in powder form at Walmart, or in slices at your local organic specialty store or farmer's markets. You can also order it online, or better yet, you can grow licorice! However you get it, here's a recipe for a fun Halloween tea party:  

  • Add 0.5 oz. or 1 tablespoon of licorice root for every 1 cup of water in a pot
  • Add a couple of cinnamon sticks (optional)
  • Add peppermint leaves to taste (optional)
  • Bring to a boil and then simmer for a good 10 minutes 
  • Let steep for 5 minutes
  • Pour through a strainer into a teapot or pour over ice water for iced tea and enjoy! 


Halloween Licorice Treats 

Spooky Spiders has the perfect licorice laces to make spider legs out of oval-shaped cookies or anything you want to put spiders on to decorate for Halloween. They're called Black Spirali, and perfect for decorating! We also have Strawberry Spirali and Rainbow Spirali. In addition, we have Dutch Black Laces, Dutch Red Laces, Dutch Rainbow Laces, Dutch Pink Lemonade Laces, and Dutch Blue Raspberry Laces.

Black Cats 

We also have black cats, called "The Kat's Meow" that make great Halloween treats all by themselves! You can also use them to decorate cupcakes or cakes, cookies, and other treats. They even look great in a candy dish all by themselves! Order some today from 

Other Licorice Candies

Celebrate Halloween with us here at, your one-stop Halloween candy store! we have a variety of delicious candy in selections like Crunchies, a candy-coated licorice in a multicolor assortment. Or try our Mini Mix of assorted candies. Sarah's Favorite is a rainbow pillow of sweet and sour delight! Check out all our selections right here on our homepage today for 50+ flavors and a wide variety of choices.

Sour Licorice Candy trios

At, every order is a tube filled with one pound of delicious licorice goodness, and we ship worldwide. We have licorice candy from all over the world! We have Finnish, Dutch, and Australian licorice, and selections from Italy and Holland, too! If you are a licorice lover, you have to check us out. We have all your Halloween candy right here! 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, from!  

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