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Comfort Foods in the Fall: Licorice Candy

Comfort Foods in the Fall: Licorice Candy

With the new fall season approaching, you may not be affected at all by the weather and environment change. Just dress for cooler weather and open the windows! But science says otherwise. Research done by the University of Georgia supports the idea that colder weather can create biological changes to affect our eating. This includes our eating habits, along with the foods that we chose to eat as well.

Comfort foods become our cravings, whether they are from our childhood or snacks that you love. We generally want to eat more to stay warm, so eating filling foods and snacks are important.

We also can snack a bit more during colder seasons, which is related to our cue to stay hydrated being suppressed. We also celebrate many more holidays during the fall and winter, which bring in changed eating habits and cravings that are natural for many.

You may also find yourself a bit more nostalgic during the fall, which is related to the weather change and the holiday season. What better way to explore this nostalgia than with our favorite snack?

Licorice is the perfect snack to feed the nostalgia and stay full this fall. Not only does licorice have many options and flavors for you to choose from, but they offer the perfect sweetness and chewiness to keep your tastebuds satisfied throughout the day.

Maybe you remember your grandparents offering you black licorice candy, you can bring back some memories with our Australian, Finnish and many other types of black licorice.

You can keep the family happy throughout the fall with snackable licorice shorties, with many flavors to choose from. Explore today and feed your nostalgia this fall season!

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