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Everything You Need To Know About Swedish Licorice

Everything You Need To Know About Swedish Licorice

Did you know that contrary to Americans' love-and-hate relationship with licorice, Swedes love it?

Yep, they love licorice so much that it plays an integral part in their daily lives. So much so that it can be found almost everywhere in Sweden, from supermarkets to convenience stores, and even amusement parks.

If you’re wondering what licorice is called in that beautiful Scandinavian country made up of breathtaking islands, we’ve got you covered. The Swedish name for licorice is Lakrits, and the next time you visit Sweden you can say it like a local when buying your licorice.  

The interesting thing is the go-to licorice candy that is popular in Sweden, is vastly different from the flavors Americans consume. Swedes prefer the black salty kind mixed in with extracts of dried licorice root, sugar, wheat flour, and starch called Salmiak.

According to legend, Salmiak has both laxative and anti-inflammatory properties. And while those may be good, doctors warn that eating too much black licorice may lead to blood pressure issues. 

Not only can you buy Lakrits almost everywhere in Sweden, but you can also find them in so many products from candied pipes to licorice liqueurs.  And if baking is your thing, there is even a cookbook called “for the love of Licorice,” full of recipes to incorporate licorice dishes and desserts into your next dinner party. 

And how do the Swedes celebrate their love of licorice? With a festival, of course. The Lakrits Festivalen is a big affair attracting thousands of licorice lovers and connoisseurs to one location.   

While we can’t give you a festival, we can satisfy your love of sweet or salty licorice with our vast selection from all over the world at

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