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Fun Ways to Learn with Licorice

Fun Ways to Learn with Licorice

Along with ushering in the New Year comes a new semester of school and you might be wracking your brains looking for fun ways to help your children learn or improve grades.

Before spending money on an expensive tutor, we’d like to suggest licorice isn’t just for eating, but also a great learning tool for children of all ages.

If your child isn’t old enough for school yet, using licorice to learn can help develop motor skills, pre-writing, learning colors, shapes and so much more.

For example, say you want to work on colors, the alphabet, and textures, using our Australian Mix licorice, a delicate blend of mango, green apple, and strawberry in small enough sizes to fit in a toddler’s hand you’d have all your bases covered. 

You can personalize your class and make it more interactive for your children by drawing box shapes of letters on plain or construction paper. Instead of cutting out each letter or having them trace over it with a pencil, which let's face it can be boring, try letting them practice writing the letter by filling in each shadowbox letter with licorice.

These methods are fun and can also be used for learning to recognize and write numbers.

Now let’s say you want to experiment with more colors, Sarah’s Favorite or Dutch Rainbow Laces will do the trick and your kids will love them. Both of these also double for teaching shapes, but if you’re looking for something to do less hands-on or maybe review shapes they’ve learned, the Mini Mix has a good assortment of shapes.   

If you have an older child there’s no need to fret, licorice will work well with teaching or reinforcing math. The different sizes and textures of licorice are perfect for forming triangles, counting, addition, subtraction, and angles. So, in other words, if the struggle is real with grasping Geometry concepts, using licorice is a great visual aid.

We’ll say learning with licorice is a better and less tedious alternative to using popsicle sticks and is yummier too. 

Just remember, the sky is the limit when learning with licorice. This is your time to shine and create a fun learning environment for your family. We’d love to hear from you about how learning with licorice is making a difference, so don’t be shy. 

And for all your teaching supplies ­-aka- delicious licorice, check out our diverse selection from all over the world.

From our Family to yours, we wish you an amazing 2023 and tons of happy learning!  

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