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Globally Delicious:  Licorice Consumption By Country

Globally Delicious: Licorice Consumption By Country

Love it or Hate it licorice is here to stay as its popularity continues to increase around the globe as a healthy alternative for a sweet tooth.

It might be hard to see licorice as anything but a treat, but for centuries the licorice root from which licorice is produced has been used as medicine for its healing qualities.

Although Americans might think of licorice as sweet, there is salty licorice and the licorice root is not known for its sweetness, so there might be some credence to licorice being a healthy alternative. Now let's take a look at which countries the sweet or salty treats are most popular in. 

Topping the global list is the Netherlands with a whopping 2000 grams or more than four pounds per person annually consuming licorice.  But while the Dutch may have the market on licorice other countries are on the fast track to reaching that pinnacle too. 

Licorice consumption is high in Scandinavian countries like Iceland and Norway where the salty black licorice confections are a delight. And in the neighboring countries of Finland and Sweden, there are even licorice festivals highlighting the different forms of licorice available for consumption.  

When it comes to revenue shares, the global leaders according to a new study, are Europe and North America. 

And in terms of producing licorice drops, that distinction goes to Spain. 

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