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Going Away Gifts for Licorice Lovers

Bon Voyage! 

If you're really scratching your head and drawing a blank when it comes to buying going-away gifts for friends, and you love licorice, this post is for you! After all, everything is so much better with licorice, right? 

Plus we've got some truly inspirational ideas for the perfect going away gifts for friends, coworkers, and family members. Add some chewy, colorful sweetness with a tube of licorice candy from, for the unique, personal touch you're looking for! 

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The Perfect Gift 

Create a personalized message and fill it with special memories you've shared with this friend or family member. Let them know exactly what they mean to you, and how you will miss their sweet smile. 

Remind good friends that you are also forever friends, and that means no matter how much space there is between you, you're always connected. 

This special message, along with whatever farewell gift idea you like best, and of course, the spot of licorice candy in the flavor of your choice from, will make yours the most memorable and unique gift of all! 

New Home 

There are many different reasons why a person may be going away, but regardless, they will always be going to a new home. Therefore, gifts like a framed photo or some other type of wall art are a great gift idea. And don't forget the licorice gift basket from!

The purchase of a new house in a new city or perhaps even a new state is always a little scary because it represents "the unknown". Starting over in a new place where you don't know anyone is a challenge. Your friend or coworker will appreciate your support!

Having a thoughtful goodbye gift like a keepsake box, with some strawberry and chocolate licorice teddy bears inside from, is another idea for the perfect gift!

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Opportunity Knocks 

Many people end up moving away due to a new job, or even a new career choice. Sometimes, there's something a person really wants to do, but the opportunity doesn't exist where they live. Life is funny that way, because if it's part of your destiny, one day, the opportunity will knock. 

Often, people have families and are settled into their lives. If it involves a big move, the knock likely goes unanswered. If that happens, those people are often left regretting the missed opportunity later in life. So when someone you know decides to take a chance and answer the knock's challenge, give them your support! 

Show that support by choosing going away gifts for coworkers or friends like a gift card from! They can select from over 50 flavors and all sorts of types and variations from all over the world. Chewy, delicious goodness in every bite! 

Remembered For Humor 

If you're looking for a more humorous approach to find gifts for coworkers to lighten the going-away occasion, get a gag gift and be remembered with a smile! These gifts are typically individual, as different personalities find different types of things funny.

Some lip balm and a bath bomb for a "bomb" journey is a creative gift idea with humor! Add in some scrumptious licorice salted Dutch coins, so they don't go broke on the trip! Or how about some strawberry pups to keep them company? 

There are many ways to make coworkers remember you with a laugh, using humor to say goodbye. 

Saying Goodbye to Friends 

Saying goodbye to close friends is the hardest. Take your friend out for a spa day, then out for coffee at your favorite little coffee shop. Make it a day to remember, and don't forget to finish with a custom-made licorice gift basket

Other going away gifts for friends could be sterling silver or rose gold locket with a picture of the two of you inside. A thoughtful gift like this is always appreciated. Add some Australian sweet blossoms licorice candy that features flavors of strawberry, apple, lemon, blue raspberry, and cola!  

A man might appreciate golf clubs or other sports memorabilia if he's a close friend or family member. A farewell gift with thought into the kind of things the person enjoys most is always remembered with fondness. Delicious chocolate raspberry DownUnders are always a hit for the licorice touch to this going away gift! 

Assorted Licorice gift box with gourmet flavors

Let's Have a Drink 

One thing that's always sure to be a hit with going away gifts for both coworkers and friends alike, is a cocktail kit or a set of wine glasses. Bring your own wine tumbler to the party and add a touch of humor! 

A bottle of good wine accompanied by a megamix of sweet, delectable licorice from also makes a popular goodbye present. Make a toast for safe travels and good luck on your friend's new adventure! 

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Making It Special With 

Regardless of whether you're looking for going away gifts for friends, coworkers, or family members, making it special with gives your farewell present that personal touch those you care about will remember. Here at, we ship worldwide, tubes containing one pound of pure joy for your mouth in each and every order! 

We even have sugar-free selections for those on a special diet. From traditional licorice spirali and licorice laces to raspberry pretzels and Dutch rainbow sours, our masterpiece confections will delight your taste buds! 

Gift cards, gift baskets, and customized licorice gift baskets are available as well. Check out our website's homepage right here on, and place your order today! 

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