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Holiday Licorice Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Holiday Licorice Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The holidays are coming up and that means finding the perfect stocking stuffers for friends and family. Stockings are the perfect place to include some favorite snacks and treats for your loved ones. And, everyone deserves a unique and tasty treat to start their holidays, so why not some chewy, yummy Licorice licorice. And with so many styles of licorice to choose from and create with, you’ll always have something tasty for any taste.

Chocolate Dipped Licorice

This sweet snack is perfect all year ‘round, but especially fun when gifted as a stocking stuffer. Plus, making these can be a fun family activity with the kids. All you need is some melted chocolate of your choice and some melted white chocolate. Next, just grab your favorite unique licorice flavor from our store and dip them in the chocolate. Finally, after your chocolate has set, drizzle some more chocolate on top and you have an awesome holiday treat. Pack them up however you’d like and place them in the stockings.

 Candy Cane Licorice

Our Candy Cane Licorice is a wonderful holiday licorice flavor that will put anyone in a festive mood. Order these seasonal flavors as part of one of our sampler packs. Or order them with a customized gift box. You can even order a few tubes and separate them into individual holiday goodie bags for the family. This chewy, sweet treat will bring the holidays closer and are a perfect stocking stuffer for any sweet tooth.

Licorice Sampler

Maybe you have a family with very different tastes? Your aunt loves salty, but your grandpa loves sweet? Maybe your brother could go for something sour but your parents keep it classic? That’s why Licorice Sample Gift Packs are a great and affordable way to get something for every taste in the family. These boxes are filled with six or more yummy, chewy, sweet, sour, salty (you get it), flavors that you can put in all the stockings this year.

So there are some great stocking stuffers to include in your next holiday celebration. Everyone loves something yummy, and these treats will not disappoint. Looking for some more fun ideas? Visit our store and see what we have to offer.

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