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Host A Licorice Themed High Tea Party

Host A Licorice Themed High Tea Party

A Little History 

Licorice has not always been a delightful candy for our enjoyment. However, it has always been used for better health. It comes from the licorice plant, and its roots were first discovered to have medicinal qualities back in medieval times.

Soldiers and others chewed the roots to help stay hydrated and help mild inflammation, congestion and allergies. It used to be brewed into a beer. Today, it is brewed in tea, and doctors have confirmed that it indeed helps with many of these same things. Licorice root is a wonderful way to show your friends its many uses. 

Licorice Root Tea 

So how do you make licorice root tea? Well, lucky you don't have to, because many places make licorice root tea and you can purchase it in nearly every grocery store. But if you want to make it, it's quite easy if you have the plants!

Here is an easy recipe. Boil some water, then take the licorice root and finely chop or grate it into about a teaspoon per cup, and place it into a tea ball or infuser and steep for 5-10 minutes with the boiling water. Many people also add some peppermint, cinnamon, or honey to taste. Now you're almost ready for a licorice tea party!


Licorice Candy 

If you're going to host a licorice tea party, here are some more licorice tea party ideas from What would a licorice-themed tea party be without licorice candy? Even if some of your guests proclaim to not care for licorice - as foreign as that sounds, we know - all the better. It's your chance to show them the error of their ways! Explore ideas for other uses of licorice root. 

Seriously though, and especially if you are a true licorice lover and aficionado. This is your chance to shine, so be sure to have lots of varieties for all different tastes. With plenty of choices, shapes, and flavors, you're sure to make licorice lovers out of even the most skeptical of your friends! 

Other Tasty Treats 

When hosting a licorice tea party, some of the best snacks might include some cucumber mint tea sandwiches. One of these cucumber mint tea sandwiches will delight even meat-eaters as a tasty treat. It's the perfect solution for food ideas, and the flavors of the two meld together fabulously. Plus it works great for those of your friends on a diet, vegetarians and even meat-eaters find these delightful treats a great substitute. A high tea in the afternoon with these kinds of treats will please any guest.

Special Diet

Try some sugar-free bear hugs or a variety of sugar-free Finnish licorice as the perfect solution for those friends who are on a diet. Have some special herbs for your guests to try in their tea, and serve some green tea with peppermint or other mint flavors.

You can even brew a pot of afternoon tea and try a new recipe with guests on a diet. What better way to beat the heat than switching to iced tea for another way to enjoy these mint and licorice teas? Educate guests on all the health benefits and medicinal qualities of the tea you serve, as they drink it. Make honey available for the sweet flavor dieters may still desire. 

Explore Ideas 

If you would like to keep your focus on health, you'll have plenty to talk about with licorice. It has multiple areas or systems in the body it affects in a positive way. Mint and other herbal teas also have many qualities beneficial to the body.

You may come up with many fabulous ideas for your licorice-themed tea party that you and your guests will enjoy. Pinterest is another source of potential ideas and details you may want to save for your tea party. You can download the free Pinterest app for more on making licorice root tea and ideas, too.

Add the Details 

While you are preparing scrumptious food and drink selections for your fabulous party, try a new recipe for finger food with peppermint. Try using licorice in a recipe where you think it would enhance the flavor. Licorice is said to be quite a bit sweeter than sugar, and has been used in cakes and confections for centuries, and goes well with mint flavors.

Use lovely teacups and saucers, they don't even have to be a matching set! Explore ideas to make your licorice-themed tea party unique, memorable, and fun. 

Have Fun With It 

The main thing to remember is to have fun at your party, and your friends will be impressed and have fun, too. Provide plenty of food and drink selections.

Purchase a licorice gift basket or even a gift card from and have a contest or play games where the winner receives one of these items as the prize! is more than happy to support you, just visit us online today and see our wide variety of licorice products! 

Every order is in a package that contains approximately one pound of delicious licorice candy! You can host your licorice-themed tea party for a great cost, too and we'll ship your items right to your door. So next time you go to brew a pot of tea and you take a sip from your favorite teacup, remember how easy it is to make licorice root tea, have a sweet treat, and host a fabulous, fun, afternoon tea party! 

Come see the more than 50 flavors, shapes, and types of licorice we have to choose from. - where licorice lovers unite!

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