Iconic Movie Candy: Red Licorice

Iconic Movie Candy: Red Licorice

Everyone knows the candy that is well known in movie theaters, red licorice. With a sweet flavor and a chewy texture, this candy is great to enjoy at the movie theater, or at home. But why is licorice such an iconic movie candy? How did it become such a well known sweet treat to have during a movie? We will deep dive into the history of red licorice in the US, and how it became so well known as movie candy. After reading, make sure to check out our assortment of red and black licorice and enjoy them with your favorite movie!

Candy was first to popcorn, with the idea of movie candy being born during the 1920s. Before this era, the rule of “no outside food” was non-existent. Bringing food from a restaurant or from home was normal, and many theater owners would allow outside vendors to sell snacks often. The roaring 20s however, brought change to what movie theaters looked like and enhanced the experience of going to the movies. Many candy brands were introduced during this era, including red vines. These candies would be sold through vending machines, or whatever they were called back then, and would be put there by outside vendors.

During the great depression, this changed, and candy began being sold by the theater itself.

One of the biggest reasons licorice was so popular was the history of health benefits in black licorice, it was often sold as the healthy candy. In moderation, it can be comparatively better than other candy.

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