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Licorice Birthday Gifts For The Licorice Lovers In Your Life

Licorice Lovers Unite!  

Who doesn't love or know someone that loves licorice? And these days it isn't just red or black licorice, but a rainbow of flavors, types, and shapes to tantalize even the most discriminating palates. Licorice gift baskets make excellent licorice birthday gifts for the licorice lovers in your life. Here at, we have everything you need for the best gifts for any occasion - where licorice lovers unite! 

Choices Galore 

If you're thinking licorice is just for kids, think again. We have 50+ flavors like chocolate, chocolate raspberry, strawberry, and blue raspberry, or how about a rainbow? And we have specialties from all over the world, including shapes like dogs, cats, pretzels, or even coins! 

Of course, if you're shopping for a licorice birthday gift, a licorice gift basket is a terrific (and delicious!) choice. Every shipping tube is packed with approximately one pound of tasty licorice goodness! We truly have something for everyone, kids and adults alike, and for every occasion. 

Various rainbow licorice candy flavors


I don't know about you, but I have always been one of my friends who loves birthdays. I try to remember everybody's birthdays and make them special. After all, it's a day for celebration - the day you burst into the world! On this day your existence is recorded in history and your life begins. So what better day to give a gift of sweetness and love, wrapped in yummy goodness? 

After all, most of us remember at least one special birthday from our childhood. Maybe a certain birthday party stands out, or a particularly happy or exciting event. Thinking about it brings a sense of happy nostalgia. Wouldn't you like to make someone feel a sense of joy by the delightful surprise of a licorice basket at their door on their special day? 


Ah, weddings! What's more special than the joining of two souls in the oath of love and matrimony? If you are having a hard time figuring out a gift for the happy couple, check out our licorice gift baskets. Your gift will bring smiles and joy to their faces, as they're delighted with the quality and scrumptiousness of the candy inside! A licorice wedding gift is a tasty pleasure that can be thoroughly enjoyed on a honeymoon, as well. Wink-wink. 

All of us have experienced being invited to a wedding and then faced with finding an appropriate wedding gift. Especially when trying to buy something both people will enjoy. And it doesn't matter where the happy couple is, because here at, we ship to any country worldwide. Shop around our site and check out all the items and accessories. You can pick something out and ship it right from the comfort of your own home. Nothing says love like licorice!



Anniversaries are another great time to celebrate with licorice. Share a licorice rope with the one you love, and meet in the middle with a kiss! Or choose licorice teddy bears to share with your loved one. Crunchy candy on the outside and delectable flavored chewiness on the inside, are also a great choice. Don't care for black licorice? That's ok, we have other options to tantalize any taste buds.

An anniversary is a great time to commemorate the day you met, the day you married, or really any special date. It's also the perfect time to show someone you remember the history you share. There are many ways to show you care, but what better way than the sweetness of licorice candy? Your partner will be pleasantly surprised at your thoughtfulness. 

Young boy enjoying licorice

Any Occasion 

The great thing about giving the gift of licorice is that it's perfect for any occasion. You can even make up your own special holiday! No matter what the occasion, and regardless of the day, send a gift of licorice to say you're thinking about them. When you give a delectable gift like licorice candy and ship it to someone's door, it's a special occasion of its own that will always be remembered. It shows that person (or people) you love them and are thinking of them. 

The bottom line is that when you're thinking of someone you care about, why not send a licorice gift to let them know it? We have gifts in any price range, and getting a thoughtful gift such as this will always brighten someone's day. And with all the choices we have, you can literally choose something different for every taste. Our staff is always more than happy to help you choose, as well.

Our personalized gift box with a flavor trio of licorice tubes

Shop from home and ship worldwide. Create an account you can log in to anytime and find the licorice items or accessories you want to order. You can find out all kinds of information just by browsing our site, and we have staff on hand to answer any questions you may have. Click on the items you like to find out more information about them. At, this is where licorice lovers unite! 

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