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Licorice in Ayurveda (Part One)

Licorice in Ayurveda (Part One)

For hundreds of years, the licorice root has been renowned around the world for its medicinal properties as well as its distinct taste. One way this manifested was in the Ayurveda form of medicine, originating in India. In this first part, we will begin to discuss the Ayurveda tradition and where the licorice root comes to play!

Ayurveda began in India thousands of years ago and was based on the belief that health and wellness relies on a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Common treatment and practices involved herbal remedies, dietary guidelines, yoga, massages, and meditation.

One central principle was that everyone is unique and held a certain “dosha” or constitution that influenced their physical and mental state. This included “Vata” (air), “Pitta” (fire), and “Kapha” (earth). Finding balance and harmony within the body and mind began first with recognizing which you aligned with. Ayurvedic medicine had a focus on promoting general well being rather than symptoms, emphasizing a healthy diet, regular exercise, and self care. This allowed the licorice root to become a central element in many of their practices and traditions.

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