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Licorice in Pop Culture

Licorice in Pop Culture

Licorice, with its unique and distinct flavor, has a special place in many people's hearts across America. With it being featured in movies, television, and song, Licorice has continued to remain a popular candy since the 1800s. In this article, we will discuss licorice and its place and features within American pop culture. 

One popular candy that was the introduction to licorice for many is Twizzlers, which through a series of successful marketing campaigns became a favorite among popcorn for the film, bringing licorice to the spotlight. In the cinema, some favorite characters are seen snacking on licorice. In the famous film “Pulp Fiction” Samuel L. Jackson’s character famously declares his love for red licorice. Similarly in television, shows like “Seinfeld” have Kramer frequently enjoying red licorice.

In literature, licorice has appeared in the Harry Potter series as a flavor in Bertie Bott’s Bean box. In a more subtle way, licorice has also appeared but not as the treat we all know and love. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, licorice root is found in many skin care products as well. 

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