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Perfect Halloween Candy: Licorice

Perfect Halloween Candy: Licorice

The spooky holiday is coming up, and many are getting ready to decorate and plan costumes. But we can’t forget about the most important part of Halloween: the candy! Whether you are going trick or treating or not, every household has to have at least a little candy just in case. This is the best time of year to eat candy just because, and have a great reason for it. The hardest part, however, is the decision on what candy to get for the festivities. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are the many different types of licorice you can get for this Halloween.

Black licorice- Maybe the last time you thought of black licorice was at your grandparents house, but it is back in season, becoming more popular each year. With a history of being helpful for sore throat and cough, black licorice is arguably a candy that is better for you compared to other candy. The best type of black licorice for sharing, in our opinion, is australian black licorice. Not only is it soft and a strong taste of black licorice, but it comes in a short snackable form.

Shorties- Shorties are the most diverse in flavor, being a great option for trick or treating. Choose from watermelon, cinnamon, blue raspberry, cherry and many more to get a great taste of licorice. Be careful however, these can be addicting, so you may have repeating treating from those in the neighborhood.

Sour twists- We can’t leave out one of the most popular flavors today, sour twists. These aren’t your regular sour gummies that everyone else will have, these are sour licorice twists with a soft chewy center. We have our sour twist collection, with three strong and tart flavors to choose from.

We hope the struggle of picking the best candy is gone for you, with licorice obviously being the best option. Choose from our 50+ flavors to make the best of this Halloween.

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