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Spirals of Spirali Licorice

Spirals of Spirali Licorice

The spiral shape of spirali licorice is unforgettable, not to mention the taste. Spirali licorice is well known within Italy, and often made from plant to candy all within the country itself. With such a rich history, the licorice itself lives up to its name, with a flavor that stands out like no other. This article will not only be about the history of Italian licorice, but you’ll get to know Spirali’s taste and flavor. Make sure to check out our Spirali Medley bundle, filled with our handmade in Italy licorice that can’t be beaten.

Going all the way back to the Middle Ages, licorice has been growing in Italy naturally since then. Often represented in the poems and love sonnets, licorice is known to be sweeter than sugar, just like it is today. It was widely known to be useful in medicine, taste well in drinks and in food. This spread across Europe, and Italy was not the first to know of such uses.
One of the most famous companies in Italy to produce licorice is well known not just for their products, but for their location. In South Italy, near the Gulf of Taranto, Calabria is where the licorice grows in abundance. This is where Amarellia Licorice company started, and still is open today.

We love Italian licorice, and the taste is something unforgettable. Choose from our Rainbow spirali, Strawberry spirali, or black spirali. Black spirali is a deep flavor of black licorice that will bring you right back to where you first tasted it. Strawberry spirali is sweet, but not too sweet, and we recommend eating them unraveled since they can be a bit more firm. Rainbow spirali surprises you with punches of flavor for each color, and not to mention they are the funnest.

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