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Sweet Licorice or Salty Licorice?

Sweet Licorice or Salty Licorice?

Licorice comes in many different forms, and you would be surprised how diverse the flavors of the root can really get. Not only is licorice the sweet candy that we love to snack on, but in other regions of the world, it is known for the salty candy that everyone keeps in their pocket for a snack. We will take you through the many flavors of licorice in this article, and hopefully convince you of trying a new flavor you will love.

First and most controversial is black licorice. This one is well known as the treat you either  love or hate, and sometimes there is no in between. To all the black licorice haters out there, we challenge you to try our black licorice sampler pack and still hate the flavor. Good luck with that because each type stands on its own as unique and interesting, with dutch laces, Finnish licorice, Australian licorice, and even black pups.

Of course we have to mention red licorice. This is most likely the most familiar, and popular licorice we see often in stores, but not every red licorice is the same. Strawberry flavor is strong with our Red Licorice sampler pack, with strawberry pillows, red licorice directly from Australia, and a fan favorite of the pack, Strawberry sour twists.

Now is the most unknown flavor that stands out, salty licorice. Popular in Northern Europe, this licorice isn’t just a salty flavor, it really is black licorice that is covered in salt, and is surprising upon the first taste. This doesn’t mean it’s not addicting, with a sweet and salty flavor within it. Coming in many different forms, from coins to stars, we have so many types of salty licorice for you to enjoy.

Hopefully this gave you a little taste into licorice flavors, and got you craving licorice. We have 50+ flavors from you to choose from, and our sampler packs for you to try as many as you can at once.

Whichever you decide, sweet licorice or salty licorice check out our large assortment of licorice flavors at


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