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Watermelon Sour Twists Licorice

Taking a Closer Look at Sour Licorice Candy

We all know what licorice is – the incredibly sweet and delicious treat that’s enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. Also known as liquorice or glycyrrhiza glabra (translates to ‘sweet root’ in Greek), licorice comes in a variety of unique flavors and shapes for you to enjoy. 

Traditional black licorice is made with licorice root, which derives from the licorice plant. This plant has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years – in the ancient times of the Egyptians, but also the Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Brahmans, and more.

The history runs deep with this popular treat and the ingredients have changed along the way. With the discovery of Anise, licorice candy took on new colors and flavors, such as strawberry, cherry, and even watermelon. They’re also available in different shapes like laces and twists. 

Dutch Rainbow Sours licorice flavor

So, what is sour licorice candy?

Sour licorice candy is just one of the many examples of how licorice has evolved over the years. It’s very similar to the licorice candy we’ve all grown to love and can be created with licorice root or Anise. The difference is the addition of sour flavors to overshadow the sweet.

What you’re left with is the perfect combination of sweet and sour mixed with your favorite flavoring – whether that be the traditional taste of black licorice or something less bitter, such as strawberry or cherry. The possibilities are endless with licorice, which is why it’s so popular!

While many people enjoy the DIY process of making sour licorice candy themselves, others would rather skip that process and dive straight into eating it. The good news is sour licorice is easy enough to make at home, but also widely available enough that you can buy it pre-made.

Sour Licorice Candies Available at

Whether you’re going the DIY route and want to test how your batch compares to the pros or are looking for a quality manufacturer of licorice candy, you’ve come to the right place. Here at, there’s nothing we enjoy more than creating unique and tasty licorice treats for all.

We couldn’t help but notice how many people enjoy sweet and sour treats – if you don’t believe us, look at how popular Sour Patch Kids are. We knew we could ‘wow’ candy connoisseurs by adding that sour flavor to our popular licorice recipe. And that’s exactly what we ended up doing.

Today, we offer seven different sour varieties to choose from and they’re available in a number of different shapes – including circles, twists, rectangles, and more. If you’re interested in seeing what we have in store, don’t worry – we’re going to highlight some of our favorites down below!

Watermelon Sour Twists

The lip-smacking and mouth-watering taste of watermelon is something that’ll get anyone’s taste buds screaming for more. Add in that hint of sour and you have one of the most delicious treats you’ve ever tried. You can try to eat just one, but it won’t end well – you’ll be wanting handfuls!

Dutch Rainbow Sours

Our Dutch Rainbow Sours are consistently one of our customers’ favorites on the menu. You get that fruity taste that we all love about licorice, the hint of sour that wakes up those taste buds, and a sweet cream filling that makes your jaw drop. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried!

Sweet ‘n Sour Petites

For all the Italian Licorice enthusiasts out there, boy do we have the treat for you. Coming to you in the shape of a brick, our Sweet ‘n Sour Petites feature a strawberry licorice coated in sour flavoring and filled with a creamy center. Your mouth will be thanking you once you give it a try!

Blue Raspberry Sour Twists

Candy enthusiasts have long enjoyed the sweet essence of blue raspberry combined with that mild sour tang – so much that it has become a staple in the candy community. That’s why we’re excited to offer our Blue Raspberry Sour Twists. They won’t disappoint you and your taste buds.

Strawberry Sour Twists

Did you know that the ever-sweet strawberry has a wild side? Well, you can catch a good glimpse of that wild side with our Strawberry Sour Twists. Similar to the blue raspberry ones, just with a strawberry flavor. Consistently one of our most-demanded licorice candies. 

Half ‘n Half

Some people like black licorice, some like strawberry, and some have a hard time deciding. If you can’t decide which one, why not have both? A popular Swedish treat, our Half ‘n Half combines the two most popular types of licorice and adds a hint of sour to bring it together. 

Sarah’s Favorite

Whether or not you believe in love at first bite, Sarah’s Favorite is bound to have you jumping for joy the moment it hits your mouth. A mix of fruity flavors meets a hint of sour tang to bring you a bold and delicious treat like you’ve never tasted before. They’re as tasty as they are colorful. 

Blue Raspberry Sour Twists licorice flavor

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At, we have a licorice candy designed for just about anyone – and if we don’t, then you best believe we’re considering adding it to our collection. We absolutely love how versatile this treat is and we’re always excited to see what type of candy we can create with it next. 

As of right now, we have over 50 different flavors and a number of different shapes – including twists, circles, bricks, pretzel-shaped, ropes, cubes, pillows, cylinders, and much more. They come in a tube with one pound of candy inside. Of course, you can also create your own box

When choosing a gift box, you can add three, six, or 12 different flavors. This allows you to pick all of your favorites in one package. It makes for the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other event. Then again, you can always treat yourself with a box!

Either way, check out our collection today and see which licorice flavors are your favorite!

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