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The Chinese Licorice Root (Part One)

The Chinese Licorice Root (Part One)

Before the explosion of licorice root being used in the delicious, sweet treats we all know and love, they have, and still are, used for many recipes and medicine. The history of this root is rich with purpose with it growing differently throughout the world. In this first part, we will begin to discuss how licorice root is used in China and the purpose it serves.

Chinese licorice root comes from the stem of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant, commonly found throughout Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. It is commonly dried before use, its dried form normally cut thinly and having a wood like look to it. When sold, it normally is in its dried and cut form, though it is also available as a whole root or in a powder form.

This licorice root has a strong flavor on its own, bittersweet and somewhat spicy. The root is commonly used in Chinese traditional medicine, normally to serve as a counter balance to the less pleasant flavors of other ingredients or to maximize the properties of another ingredient.

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