The Different Colors of Licorice

The Different Colors of Licorice

One defining feature of licorice is the multitudes of colors that are associated with it. From the rainbow of assorted colors and flavors to the traditional black licorice, an unusual color for sweets. In this article, we’ll go over several popular colors and the flavors they hold!

Red- despite being known as licorice, it technically isn’t at all since there is no actual licorice root inside the candy. Instead this candy is normally made up of many different types of flavorings such as cherry, strawberry, cinnamon, and raspberry.

Green- originating in the United States, this color has a green apple flavor to it. Similar to red licorice, it technically isn’t licorice in that sense, but rather that style of candy that takes the shape of traditional licorice candy. Green licorice are also commonly found with sour sugar on top to create a sour licorice candy.

Black- the definitive licorice candy, this traditional flavor is colored black due to extract of the licorice root plant. With its own unique taste, this special sweet is loved by millions around the world.

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