The Origin of Licorice Root

The Origin of Licorice Root

We are all familiar with the popular licorice candy – in bite size or twizzle stick form – but where did licorice actually come from?  We are so glad you asked!

Licorice is not just a popular gummy candy, it can be found throughout history dating back thousands of years in its original form the licorice root.  Evidence of the licorice root is depicted in ancient civilizations in Egypt, China, Greece, Italy and India.

Licorice’s original use was originally medicinal.  The delicious herb when chewed kept the licorice enthusiast hydrated and was said to alleviate mild inflammation, congestion and even allergies.  The licorice root was so common back then, it is rumored such historical figures like Alexander the Great, King Tut and Julius Caesar enjoyed licorice often.  The robustly complicated Napoleon was also known to have a blackened smile form the licorice root juices from time to time.

Alexander the Great went one step further and ordered his soldiers to chew the sweet licorice plant to keep themselves healthy and hydrated. In medieval times, licorice was commonly carried in apothecaries.  The great thing about licorice root, is modern medical studies have even confirmed some of the natural benefits.

Licorice root in its purest form may not still be available at pharmacies anymore, but dozens of wonderful red and black licorice flavors can be delivered right to your door straight from

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