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What Licorice Flavor Should You Try Based on Holiday Movies?

What Licorice Flavor Should You Try Based on Holiday Movies?

Every holiday tradition comes with a movie that is loved by the family. The beginning of the holidays is marked with the first family screening of their beloved holiday movie of choice. But every family tradition needs plenty of snacks to enjoy. That’s why Licorice licorice is the best treat to have along with family movie night. This list is to show off the best flavors to go along with any family holiday tradition.


This Family favorite comes around every year without getting old. It’s a classic that no family tradition can go without. It’s easy to watch, any generation young or old can enjoy, and it never seems to lose it’s magical touch. This movie is a must for any holiday party.

The best flavor to match this movie is one that’s traditional and timeless. That’s why if you’re bringing Elf to the holiday gathering, then you have to bring along Australian Reds. This classic treat is a fan favorite. Perfect for any taste, whether they are licorice connoisseurs or first-timers.

Home Alone

Home Alone is another one of those Holiday classics everyone talks about. Except this one is old school. The type of movie that the older generation introduces to the younger generation. This movie is passed down like a family crest. And at first it could take the younger generation some getting used too, but, once they enjoy it they can never turn back.

This kind of passed-down tradition fits best with salted licorice. The younger generation might not know about it until grandpa or grandma sit them around the fire and tell stories of their youth. The perfect salted licorice candy that would go well with Home Alone would be Salted Dutch Coins.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is a movie with two sides. People who love it and people who are obsessed with it. One side just enjoys watching it once every year. It’s the flavor of the season for them. Only makes sense to watch it during the holidays. But the other group starts a marathon of this movie the second they get the chance. One the first cool winds of wintertime come along, The Polar Express season starts.

The only licorice candy that has a group as obsessed is the Strawberry Sour Twists lovers. This candy is loved by all but coveted by a select group.

So there you have it. Which of these movies does your family enjoy for the holidays? Want to find even more holiday licorice flavors? Visit our store and browse our wide selection of artisan licorice flavors.

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