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Where does licorice come from?

Where does licorice come from?

Licorice is well known around the world as the sweet candy that people really love or can’t stand. Coming in many different types of candy flavors, licorice didn’t get its many types by chance! In this article, we will explore the licorice roots origins, and where the many types of licorice came from.

Most licorice root naturally grows in regions of Western Asia and Southern Europe.The first classification of licorice root was for medical use, in China, by Emperor Shennong. This spread to Europe, where each region has its own use for the root. One of the first Greek sources to mention the plant, Theophrastus,  named it “sweet root” as he was learning about the helpful uses of licorice in the medical context. These uses range from the skin to the gastrointestinal system. While not every treatment ancient people did was correct, there are some that have some benefit for medicinal treatments.

If you explore our many flavors, you will find that licorice reaches far beyond medicine. Each region of the world has its own uses in history for licorice root, like in drinks that were consistently enjoyed by the pharaohs. However, the most popular and enjoyable use is licorice candy. For example, Northern Europe is well known for its salty licorice, which is exactly what it sounds like, licorice with salt. There’s also Australian licorice, with a unique flavor and texture compared to the Red Vines that we may know in America. No matter the region, there's also a way to have a tasty form of licorice. Try some of our flavors today and explore licorice in its many forms!


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