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Which states have the best taste in licorice?

Which states have the best taste in licorice?

America is well known for its red vines, compared to the well debated taste of black licorice. Arguably, black licorice is much more popular in different countries around the world. From Australia to Finland, there are many different types of black licorice to love. However, that doesn’t mean black licorice lovers don’t exist in the US. We don’t know exactly why, but here are 5 states that ranked black licorice their favorite candy.

  1. Colorado- This state can stand out as one of the only western states to love licorice, so now the best western state. You can easily find black licorice at any sweet candy store, or ice cream shops where most of them have black licorice flavored ice cream.
  2. North Dakota- with high elevations, sometimes wild licorice root can grow in North Dakota. While maybe not completely safe to consume, the citizens there still love the flavor.
  3. Kentucky- not surprisingly, jelly beans that are flavored licorice are also popular here. But there’s more than just candy here. There’s also black licorice tobacco.
  4. New Jersey- while still ahead in manufacturing, New Jersey stands out in the types of licorice they manufacture. From all sorts to movie candy red licorice, they sell lots of types of licorice candy.
  5. Alaska- wild licorice grows here as well, but in a different form due to the change in climate. The licorice fern plant is well known in Southern Alaska to grow wild.


We are surprised that Illinois is not on this list, with Chicago being the first place to have a licorice candy factory in 1914. But we know licorice lovers exist across the states, so we ship directly to you. Explore our 50 plus flavors, with sampler packs, flavor bundles, and gluten free or sugar free licorice.

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