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Why Licorice Should Be A Part Of Your Next Holiday Party

Why Licorice Should Be A Part Of Your Next Holiday Party

Holiday parties are starting to pop up all over the country. That means gathering around the punch bowl, sharing some laughs around office shenanigans, and snacking on an assortment of stale party favors. This year could be the year that your next holiday office party upgrades from stale sandwiches and flavorless chips to something a little more vibrant. So why not break the mold and introduce a new addition to the office party tradition? Next time you and your colleagues plan a holiday gathering, be sure to include some fun and yummy Licorice licorice! This fun, chewy addition with liven up any party for many reasons. Here are three, to name a few.


Company Packaging

Imagine walking into your office party and finding an array of Licorice licorice tubes with your company’s logo and brand printed on it. What a fun personalized treat to have for your employees. Or maybe a great stocking stuffer to leave at their desk? Maybe you decided on personalized licorice packages for the employees to take home and enjoy. Either way, these unique licorice gifts would bring plenty of cheer to any holiday gathering.

Plenty of Flavors

Our unique licorice candies come is so many flavors, that you can find a flavor to fit any and all tastes. That’s what makes them such a great holiday office party treat. They’re soft, chewy, sweet, salty, sour; any flavor you or your co-workers may be looking for.

Try our Australian Mix for a classic, chewy treat that beginners or veteran licorice lovers will enjoy. Or take a bite of our Blue Raspberry Sour Twists for a modern twist on this classic candy. Looking for something more festive? Our Candy Cane Licorice will satisfy that holiday sweet tooth. No matter what flavor you choose, bring these to a holiday gathering and they’re sure to be a hit.

Affordable Gifts

Perfect for Secret Santa or White Elephant, Licorice candy is something taste and affordable that any will love. And with sampler packs and bundle collections to choose from, you can grab a flavor for everyone on this year’s holiday list. Mix n’ match, grab for the whole office, and find the best stocking stuffers this year with this deliciously addictive treat.

Want more holiday ideas? Check out our store and see which holiday licorice flavor is right for you.

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