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Licorice for Love (Part One)

Licorice for Love (Part One)

Licorice for a long time and even to this day is renowned for its cultural traditions and herbal practices. While not as associated with love and Valentine’s as roses or chocolates are, licorice has a long history that crosses paths with ideas and traditions of romance. In the spirit of love and finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, in this first part we will begin discussing the history and connection between love and licorice. 

In some ancient cultures, licorice root was used as an herbal remedy to address not just issues with the body and physical ailments, but also mental and emotional troubles. Licorice root was seen to have properties that could promote feelings of love and passion. This has expanded more into folk beliefs tying licorice root to fertility and its symbol as luck and blessings for couples trying to conceive. 

In the end, licorice is enjoyed around the world and in various cultures for not just its herbal remedies but also its distinct flavor. Around the world, licorice is enjoyed as a treat between loved ones. 

We hope you found this first part of the history between licorice and love to be insightful on the rich intersection between romance and licorice. At, we provide gourmet licorice from around the world right to your front door. With over 50 premium flavors to choose from and 3 day delivery, we are here to satisfy your personal or gift giving licorice needs. Come take a look at all our flavors and find the right one for you today!

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