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Licorice for Love (Part Two)

Licorice for Love (Part Two)

Previously we began discussing the cultural traditions and herbal practices that connected licorice root to love. We focused on ancient practices that utilized licorice root to promote feelings of love, and it as a symbol of luck and blessings for couples trying to conceive. In this second part, we will continue with the spirit of love and finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts and discuss the history and connection between love and licorice. 

In certain folklore, licorice root is mentioned in traditions as an ingredient for love spells and potions that will enhance love and passion. It is believed to help attract a romantic partner or strengthen existing relationships. Its distinct taste also allows it to be commonly given and received as a gift. 

More on licorice being a sweet treat, because of its more modern form of a confection, it has appeared time and time in literature, poetry, and art as a metaphor or symbol for sweetness, pleasure, and desire. With the aim to convey themes of love and attraction, licorice sure knows love! 

We hope you found this information on the history between licorice and love to be insightful on the rich intersection between romance and licorice. At, we provide gourmet licorice from around the world right to your front door. With over 50 premium flavors to choose from and 3 day delivery, we are here to satisfy your personal or gift giving licorice needs. Come take a look at all our flavors and find the right one for you today!

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