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Valentine’s Day Licorice (Part Two)

Valentine’s Day Licorice (Part Two)

Previously we began discussing licorice as an awesome and creative way to show your love and affection. We spoke specifically towards the treat’s flexibility and versatility to shape into whatever messages or symbols you want to convey. In this article we will continue examining licorice and how you can make a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your partner! 

Incorporate licorice with other sweet delights such as chocolates and cookies for a personalized gift basket! Pair these with a card and a bouquet of flowers to make a great and thoughtful gift. If you want to take it a step up, you can use licorice to create your own homemade desserts. You can bake licorice infused cupcakes, infused cookies, and other options. With licorice root being so versatile, there are many options available to you. 

This can also be a fun date idea for you and your partner! By spending some time baking licorice goods and experimenting in the kitchen can be a fun and delicious time. There are many possibilities to show love with licorice! 

We hope you found this guide on Valentine’s Day gifts and licorice to be interesting and hope you consider these with your partner for the celebration! At, we provide gourmet licorice from around the world right to your front door. With over 50 premium flavors to choose from and 3 day delivery, we are here to satisfy your personal or gift giving licorice needs. Come take a look at all our flavors and find the right one for you today!

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