Frequently Asked Questions

Our licorice makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Your recipient will love our licorice in a beautiful gift box with a custom note from you! Plus, it will arrive in 3 business days via FedEx Air. Click HERE to see our check out our gift selection.

Yes, you can schedule a future delivery date up to 6 weeks in advance.

We are excited to offer 4 awesome gluten free products:

-Red Scotties

-Black Scotties

-Strawberry Pups

-Black Pups

For full nutritional info, send over an email to hello@licorice.com 

Nutritional information can be found on the bottom of the tube. If you have a specific question, shoot an email over to hello@licorice.com.

We work with factories all over the world (literally!) and have curated the best collection of licorice available.

One tube carries approximately 1 pound of awesomeness, depending on the weight of the product selected.

We guarantee maximum freshness of all flavors up to at least 3 months with the product remaining in our packaging, covered when not being eaten. After that, your licorice will still be great, but may not have that same “wow factor!”.

Yes! We’d love to work with you on this with a minimum of 50 tubes. Click HERE  and tell us what you’re thinking! Our creative team is looking forward to creating something incredible just for you.

Due to food safety regulations, products cannot be returned, even if unopened.

Yes! Just click HERE and tell us what you're looking for, and we’ll work with you to create an awesome product.

Yes! These orders will be sent via USPS priority mail. Unfortunately, we can’t offer express shipping to these addresses.

While we don't have Kosher supervision at our distribution center, many of our factories are Kosher certified. The following products are Kosher:

-All flavors of Shorties

-All flavors of Australian Licorice


Shoot us an email us at hello@licorice.com for more information.