5 Reasons Why This Gourmet Licorice is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

With Father’s Day coming up fast, it’s time to find the perfect gift for Dad - something that says “I Love You,” while also showing your gratitude and appreciation for the best man you know. As we all know, finding that perfect gift is a lot easier said than done, but don’t worry! We’ve got the best idea for you. We may be a bit biased, but our gourmet licorice is the perfect Father’s Day Gift for any dad, and here’s why:

50+ Flavors Made Worldwide
Years ago, our family discovered that there were incredible varieties of licorice being made outside the USA, truly like nothing we’d ever tasted before. Since then, we’ve partnered with artisan candy makers to bring you 50+ gourmet flavors of licorice, made with love in Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, and more! Each irresistible flavor of our delicious licorice will take Dad’s taste buds on a tour around the world. What other Father’s Day Gift can say that?
A Unique Gourmet Gift
Belts? Grilling Utensils? Maybe a power tool? We hate to break it to you, but Dad already has those gifts from last Father’s Day, and he’s definitely not looking forward to getting more of the same. The best Dad ever deserves the best Father’s Day Gift around, so treat Dad to a delicious gourmet licorice gift box, because he deserves nothing less!
Buy Today, Get it Fresh for Father’s Day!

Last-minute gifting is too stressful and risky. Buy your gift box today, lock in Dad’s soon-to-be favorite gift of the year, and cross “Father’s Day Gift" off your list. You can easily add a personalized gift note, and choose the date you'd like your gift box to arrive.

Plus, Dad will finally find out just how deliciously soft, bouncy, and juicy licorice can really be when it’s done right. Every batch of our licorice is packaged with love and shipped in 3 business days via FedEx Air, so it arrives at your Dad’s doorstep fast, fresh, and ready to be devoured.

Add A Personalized Gift Note!
Before heading to checkout, be sure to add a free Gift Note to your Father’s Day Gift Box. A meaningful note from you will be the cherry on top of an already-amazing gift! Show Dad how much you truly care with a few sincere words that will touch his heart, and this Father’s Day Gift will be one he always cherishes and never forgets.
Take Dad on a Stroll Down Memory Lane
Our licorice gift boxes aren’t just a treasure trove of sweet treats. Whether you’re a black licorice lover or hater, everyone carries nostalgic memories of their youth, sharing sweet treats with family or long-lost friends. Maybe for your Dad, those memories were of sour candy with schoolmates, or their father or aunt who passed on a love of licorice. Whatever those meaningful memories were, Dad might just find that nostalgia in one of our licorice tubes. That’s why a Licorice.com Gift Box is more than just candy; it’s the gift of memories.


4.9/5 Stars

I had these at a friends house and they are sooo good! So I had to get them for my husband for Father’s Day.

Karli B.

Strawberry Sour Twists! They’re soo good. We are definetely gonna be fighting over these! Thanks Licorice.com

Tory G. and Dad

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day then this is it.

Samantha H.


4.9/5 Stars

Red Licorice Gift Box

Australian Red, Strawberry Sour Twists, and Finnish Red

Black Licorice Gift Box

Australian Black, Black Pups, and Finnish Black