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Each tube is filled with 1 pound.
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If salty licorice is up your alley, look no further than this European favorite. It combines the delectable tastes of salty and spicy, coupled with a unique shape and perfectly chewy texture. These classic coin-shaped treats are beloved by those who grew up eating them as children.

Wonder what the “D-Z” on each disc means? It stands for dubble zout or double salt.Audacious foodies, if you’ve developed a taste for salty licorice more recently and are wondering, “what’s next?” - this is what you’re looking for. Our Salties have the authentic licorice flavor and the salty taste you’re craving!

Each tube is filled with 1 pound.


Modified Food Starch, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Ammonium Chloride, Cane Sugar Molasses, Caramel Color, Licorice Extract, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavoring, Beeswax. Contains: Wheat, Tree Nuts (Coconut)
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